About Us

Experts in Wind Technology and Business

We are experts in all aspects of wind energy from technology to business development. We work with commercialization of early stage technology incentives. We understand the full value chain, and have experience from the early commercialization of utility sized wind in the mid 90ies, understand how wind energy has become a major energy player; and, we are now working with the technologies that make future wind energy get to market.

We are a unique consulting company with a very high bandwidth. We know how to identify technology value and communicate the business value to stakeholders. Clients and partners are universities, national laboratories, start-ups, corporate entities and investors. They are divers across the energy space and work with new technologies or new products at all technology readiness levels from basic research to full scale deployment.

We believe informal and fast networking is a major key to fast innovation; we act and execute our services accordingly.

Your needs are our focus areas for your future business

Our strength is to create your perspective of the future technology landscape and the context around it. We help you analyze, plan and implement the necessary tools and performance measures in order to bring certainty in your strategic technology decisions. 

You may have thoughts about:

  • Early stage new initiatives, new product or services, new technology investments, but you need know more about the boundaries and strategies, which can make those successful

  • Change initiatives focusing on acceleration of innovation capabilities. You do not seem to be able to motivate your organization to coherently move technology initiatives toward the needed change or generate innovation performance at the speed you like to see. The sense of urgency is absent.

  • Partnering in order to complement your current capabilities. You see a need for your organization to bring in new components of technology or know-how in-house and would like that to happen sooner rather than later.

  • Wind energy in itself or how it fits into your business

We work with our clients in areas of:

  • Product management
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Technical management
  • Technical advisory
  • Strategy, business plans and investors
  • Technical analysis
  • Research and development

Clients and partners are universities, national laboratories, start-ups, corporate entities, wind turbine owners, wind turbine manufacturers and investors