Wind turbine aerodynamics

Power curve calculator for owner & operators


Evaluating small changes in power curves can be time consuming, tricky and and even misleading. This Excel based tool is based on 25 years experience and you can compute any turbines performance without any proprietary information about the blades. You will literally see the power curve and the change instantly.

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Leading edge erosion calculator for owner & operators


Evaluating the impact of leading edge erosion and leading edge repairs can be even more difficult than  evaluating power curves, because we have insufficient information. With this tool you can compute the impact over time, including damage incubation time, based on just a few simple inputs. Really great for comparing the sites.

Stop guessing, compute the impact !

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Aerodynamic tool box, power curves, wakes and more


While we prefer to use simple tools to give robust answers, we can apply advanced tools where needed. These included detailed blade modeling and investigations of power, wind loads and wakes. We are also experts in aero-elastic vibrations.

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Vortex generators


Vortex generators is a strong aerodynamic tool to upgrade your wind turbine performance. They can be used in the inner sections for boosting performance or in more outboard sections to create robustness against dirt and other roughness.

We have 25 years of experience with vortex generators, contact us if you want to learn more.

Advanced projects and testing


We have experience in many different types of rotor systems and wind turbine designs from flexible two bladed turbines, shrouded turbines, shrouded vertical axis turbines, multi-rotors and many more. We understand the interaction between the control system and the wind loads. We have delivered on all aspects from conceptual investigations through long term operation of prototypes.

Aerodynamics and data analytics


We have vast experience in data analytics, which we support with experience and physics based methods   that can identify and explain the even most complex observations. Our experience covers anything from one-off specialized analysis to development of cloud based approaches for fleet-wide data mining, sometimes supported with advanced measurements from LIDAR, RADAR and other complimentary information.